503791HAN KOMMER FRÅN BIG HEAVEN BIG PROTECTION .Jag är tillbaka igen hos MY LOVE för vi väntar in GUD men vi har tittat på  THE SWEDICH LANGUAGE men I SEE att we kan blanda och SEE SWEDICH LANGUAGE for you BIG LOVE must see easy but NOW kan we see problem ONLY for this man must beginning in ENGLISH men how can this man think NOW for English is not so easy but how kan this man learn RIGHT NOW jag kan se stora problem för Swedish for this have BIG PROBLEM but now must Birgitta MY BIG LOVE learn this LANGUAGE ,så nu ska jag visa SWEDICH AND ENGLICH but only for a kan vi TÄNKA ELLER SÅ ingenting.

Men nu tittar jag på SVENSKA språket för det stora problem lära rätt nu först har halva SWEDEN LANGUAGE som ingen kan understand NOW why kan SVENSKARNA inte stoppa people when kommer till lilla SWEDEN för de har BIG PROBLEM learn rätt I must visa MY BIG LOVE rätt now for SWEDEN har stora problem för de har olika dialekter AS många springer ifrån or okey.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är 7c514a0bd3c64f51d1b0fb2e4217df34.jpgBUT svenska folket har problem när människor flyttar hit från andra länder för hamnar de i BIG STOCKHOLM kan alla förstå them rätt men if they have BIG PROBLEM IF they must now come to SWEDEN but now think vi bara på språket för alla kan lära sig rätt NOW but they kan skriva and talk Sweden WHY detta problem för SWEDICH if DU come to SWEDEN kan du looking LANGUAGE för du BIG PROBLEM så stora problem lära right but you must lära svenska baklänges när du skriver och när du TALK so kan du inte UNDERSTAND you for they have problem learn right but you must FIRST must YOU learn SWEDICH and TALK HOW can you learn NOW for now have we BIG people com here but NOW must you first learn SWEDICH AND WRITE when this problem NOW SWEDICH PEOPLE must beginning  right.

BUT now Sweden and LANGUAGE but how can you think you must to SWEDEN BIG PROBLEM if you like SWEDEN but they have problem with so WHY this PROBLEM now how you LOVE SWEDEN or only for they help from them BUT how can,t this people think NOW AS people can’t NOW learn right. BUT Sweden only think they learn right NOW but we have BIG PROBLEM to for I see Birgitta MY LOVE must looking AFTER help but how can’t help when they talk.

BUT NOW must or stop looking after help for you must first looking AFTER LANDGUAGE or help you come to SWEDEN BUT only help and  LANDGUAGE for we can’t UNDERSTAND for this problem NOW BUT FORGET for this LANDGUAGE can not learn you if you think come here NOW but Sweden have problem but ENGLISH have problem to for they can’t not UNDERSTAND nothing for NOW or LANDGUAGE have BIG PROBLEM to for they can not WHY have we can’t or SWEDEN have jag and den and det WHY for all people nothing UNDERSTAND why but we talk not think  so much but people come can not UNDERSTAND NOTHING WHY.

WE only think but people can’t see us crazy or stupid but we not think so much only talk but we can see people can talk all English perfect but I LOOKING only SWEDICH only them how they can’t see easy why have we learn RIGHT but now we see  more WHY people have problem or not interested us why must understand now for MY BIG LOVE must SHOW NOW WYH for this talk and write but ONLY for Birgitta for her can UNDERSTAND ALL only her but I SEE MORE PEOPLE here now but why can you SHOW for soon must we talk from GUD for earth BUT we must SHOW this blog but GUD must see if all people can talk eller UNDERSTAND for GUD must show this blog ONLY for we have BIG WORK but now see we this MY BIG LOVE must beginning work with all people for BLOG CAN HELP PEOPLE but must all people wait.

BUT I must show people this message for more people for his can’t see all PEOPLE NOW but now MUST PEOPLE show for help HIM for we have see and looking but now must more people only looking for save all people for SWEDEN have all now but NOW must you think or work in SWEDEN but only work but this only NOW MUST you think or help SWEDEN or show this BLOG.


BUT you can read and write this blog but English can only talk with Birgitta but her can only talk with but NOW beginning I show her for we must have this BLOG for people but  we hope we UNDERSTAND for we must write here not NOW but I hope GREAT MASTER THEY CAN WRITE OR TALK only for Birgitta or you but Birgitta have beginning write but soon come GOD him write but i don’t now if GREAT MASTER write for only GUD write this blog but great master i don’t them for they learn you talk and write for they so easy for MY BIG LOVE but you can not see or think for we must help all people right NOW hope I we can take this BLOG for we message must you help us but SWEDEN can see this blog only if you TRUST US but you must show this ONLY show for we must see if people can help NOW.


  1. Hey there my name is name! First of all congratulations this is a really well written article, I actually learned a thing or two. I am a mother of two boys, James 6 years old and Lucas 2 years old. I Just wanted to get your opinion on something – I was just reading this review of an online child reading system over at and that woman reviewing this system shows a 18 month child reading like 5 years old. I Would love to know what you think about it and what you think about this system she review..are you familiar with it? Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to hear your reply as I’m thinking about giving a try the system she recommends. My kids are my life and I want to provide them a better future.

    1. I have never heard of child reading.

      But children are so very different when children learn to read then.

      Linn my youngest daughter, she learned to read before she started first grade then.

      But she sat with three girls and had fun, and then learned to read.

      Nathalie I had to sit and practice reading then. But learned to read in 1 year when she started first grade then.

      But she thought she should learn to read, and after Christmas it had loosened a lot, and she started reading then. 7 years.

      Yasmine learned to read in first grade, but sat with her. But by doing training it gives the best results then. 7 years

      I usually sit a lot with the children to read but also count when they were doing it.

      But a lot of teachers are bad at teaching, and then mom has to sit and teach them. But it is so in Sweden then.

      Linn was 6 years old when she learned to read then. She had fun with the girls, and they wanted to learn to read then. Linn read when first class began, and had to read to classmates then.

      But children are so different children then. Sometimes you have to sit more with the children when they learn to read then.

      It is best to sit with the kids and exercise, and have fun as they read.

      Birgitta Spiritual Inspiration

      Birgitta Andlig Inspiration


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